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Children Mental Status Index

An instrument to assist Spanish clients identify significant symptoms on their children. A checklist with a mental health status exam to help the clinicians formulate their hypothesis for their cases and a way to practice Spanish. Is in PDF you can download it and save it to your computer. Just a click away will give you a peace of mind with your Spanish clients. Topics from ADHD to Conduct disorder from depression to schizophrenia. A valuable tool for your practice.

Package 20 Forms

In Spanish, that you can edit with your information and letterhead. Twenty forms related to a current problem, general information, agreement, inform consent, HiPPA, mental status exam. Thus, you will find a legal issues form, financial evaluation, medical & psychological problems. Also, authorization for psychological testing, appointment letter, progress note, notice of cancellation of services and referral, invoice/superbill, psychosocial history, contact log, alcohol & drug abuse, a release of information and proof of enrollment. All of these forms are useful for your private practice. Is a must to have it.

Children Behavioral Checklist CBC-SE

38 indicators that will help you and your clients to elaborate a better treatment plan for the minor. In Spanish and English with DSM Codes. Is a fast and practical way to set the goals for treatment and identify the major areas of conflict.

STEQ-A: Spanish Traumatic Experience Questionnaire-Adults

This instrument consists of four sections to obtain information and understand about the traumatic experience of the individual. The first section deals with the trauma precipitating factors, the second section refers to the physical problems that appears after the trauma; The third section is related to psychological and emotional symptoms that prevents the individual to function and the fourth section refers to the cognitive distortions, to identify intrusive inaccurate thoughts that are reinforcing negative thinking or negative emotions. Is in a simple Spanish so you client will understand very well all the questions.

Historia Clínica de Salud Mental Del Menor

An instrument that consists of diverse areas such as presenting problem, personal data of the child, the legal custody of the child, family history and history of mental problems in the family. Also, the history of previous treatment, child development, current medical condition and, psychological indicators of possible emotional problems and, their eventual psychological diagnosis. A full comprehensive instrument that gathers the most helpful information to understand the child’s current mental health condition and past approaches.  A tool which all mental health workers that provide services to Spanish clients should have (in Spanish).

File Format: PDF